Daniela Bartolomeoli (Rome, 1974) was raised between Corsica (France) and Toronto (Canada) before moving back to Rome where she currently lives. She graduated in International Law and worked for several years in the field of development cooperation and EU policies for the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In the meantime she got training in film photography, life drawing and oil painting and took classes in portrait and nude studies, also working as educator, photojournalist and translator.


In her more recent ink drawings she focuses on light and shade, trying to let the image come out as in the process of printing in the dark room, using traditional nibs on heavy grain cotton paper to get rough and unruly marks,   with an effect similar to engraving. Her process is based on a realistic approach. She likes to simply portray what she sees, letting reality speak for itself, according to the artist's subjective hand and each viewer's perception. 


She likes working with different mediums and believes in multidisciplinary practice in visual art.