Daniela Bartolomeoli (Rome, 1974) was raised between France and Canada before moving back to Rome where she currently lives. After a M.A. in International Law, she got diplomas in film photography and painting at Rome's Professional Schools for Arts and Crafts Ettore Rolli and San Giacomo. She then attended Rome Academy of Fine Arts School of Nude and Slade Summer School in London, drawing models from real life. Proficient in English and French, she has worked as educator, translator, photojournalist and stage assistant, as well as in the field of EU policy and International Relations. 

  • "Chromantic" photobook, dot.Art Association, 2020
  • Trieste Photo Days 2020 Exhibition
  • Urban Context 2019 finalist photographer
  • Berliner Art Prize finalist 2016
  • Urban 2016 Exhibit Around, Budapest
  • Hrvatski Skolski Muzej, Zagreb - collective art exhibition, 2014
  • Forte Prenestino, Rome - photo festival, 2011
  • "Fratelli d'Italia" photobook - LineaDarte Officina Creativa (Naples), 2011
  • Painting exhibition in Santa Maria in Cosmedin Church
  • Art exhibitions at Degli Zingari Gallery (Rome), 2011
  • Art exhibitions, Red Gate Gallery (London) and 17ª Int V.Novas "Vive Arte" (Portugal/Spain), 2010
  • Painting exhibition, Church of Santa Lucia (San Polo dei Cavalieri), 2008
  • Pigorini Etnographic National Museum in Rome, 2006 Exhibition
  • "Land of Palestine", photo exhibition curated by Graffiti Press, Circolo degli Artisti and Città dell'Utopia, Rome XI Municipio, 2003


Self Portrait - graphite, chalk and oil pastels on paper
Self Portrait - graphite, chalk and oil pastels on paper